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God Loves Gays. The Haters, Too.

We have a Pope.  The New Boss is Same as the Old Boss.   Trust me on this.   The basics of the Roman Catholic Church will remain.  Women will still be relegated to 3rd class status (No Clergy For You, Honey), Gays will still have 6th class status, Contraceptives (from condoms to withdrawal to pregnancy termination)…MORE

Cultural Touchstone #925….Rescaca RassleMania

I went Wrestling Saturday Night.  I won't say exactly where because I think there may have been some fire code violations.   I would love to give Props to the Perps Who Produced, but I don't want The Man Busting their Rasslin' Chops. Ok…let me get the blasphemous exclaimations out of the way early.  Good God,…MORE

I Gave Up My Guns For Lent….and Forever

I do not believe Anyone who has been treated for mental illness should have nor shoot a firearm.     Taking that a step further, I have said I do not believe Anyone who has been convicted of a misdomeanor should have a firearm.   I have been convicted of a misdomeanor (none of your business).  So, this…MORE

Free Radio. Free Speech. Pricier Paper.

I knew it wasn't good from the Headline in Saturday's TFP: 'A letter to our readers '.  Not good.  Then hundreds of words later (Inverted Pyramid?) we cut to the chase. The newspaper will raise prices at the rack and at your front door.  In 2000, Newspaper had a 53% share of Auto.  In 2012,…MORE

The Great Escapes

Quite the week, professionally and personally.   I learned Program Director Kevin West's duties include many that I did not have during the 23 years I was PD at WGOW.   I learned many of those duties were much the same as when I voluntarily stepped aside as PD…, the stuff I disliked then …well, I still…MORE

Back in the Blog Saddle

Kevin West is on Naval Duty with the 6th Fleet out of Naples.  He will return in March.    The blog's been in hiatus or on Facebook of late…but I'm back and blogging!    Soon   Bill BMORE




YAFFEE LIVE joins the Talk Radio 102.3 team in Chattanooga – Read All About It!!!!

Brian Joyce Unfiltered

Brian Joyce Unfiltered

Tune in to Chattanooga’s most outspoken talk host and business owner, Brian Joyce, as he addresses the hottest local and national issues on “Unfiltered” with Brian Joyce. With a career spanning two decades, Brian has built a reputation as the only talk host and small business owner in Chattanooga willing to take on the powers-that-be, take…