Site/Video of the Day 05/04

website of the day – here’s more info on what a “food desert” really is.  our guest today (Thursday, 5/4/17) during the 9-10am hour will be a reporter from the “Times-Free Press” who recently wrote on the “desert” on the city’s southside…only made worse by the little community store there being shut down.

video of the day – The last in a series of three quick auctions of remarkably valuable land being conducted by our friend and TalkRadio supporter, Henry Glascock.  This is a little, 3-minute video of the old “Provident Property”, off Hiway 58 at the very end of Hickory Valley Road.  The soundtrack, a gorgeous, little-known tune called “Glass Off” (a boater’s term) by Eagles founder, Bernie Leadon.