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Georgia State Patrol Hold Toys 4 Tots Motorcycle Run

Georgia State Patrol Hold Toys 4 Tots Motorcycle Run

Motorcyclists participating in the Georgia State Patrol Toys 4 Tots Bike Run. RINGGOLD, Ga. (WDEF)- Bikers in North Georgia came together to provide Christmas for children in need. The 7th annual Georgia State Patrol Toy Ride took place from Ringgold to Dalton Sunday afternoon. The ride benefits the Marine Corps’ Toys 4 Tots Campaign and… ... Continue Reading
Police Searching for Teen who Drove Off in Grandparent’s Car

Police Searching for Teen who Drove Off in Grandparent’s Car

Missing person poster for 13 year Azyona Douglas. (Courtesy: Chattanooga Police Department) CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Chattanooga Police are searching for a missing juvenile. Police say 13 year old Azyona Douglas left her grandfather’s house through a side window early Saturday morning. From there, police say she stole her grandfather’s vehicle while he was sleeping and… ... Continue Reading
Chattanooga Police Searching for Young Woman

Chattanooga Police Searching for Young Woman

Photo of Jasmine Pace (Courtesy: Catrina Pace) CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Chattanooga Police are searching for a missing young woman.22 year old Jasmine Pace was last seen by her mother Catrina on November 22nd near Tremont Street in Chattanooga. Pace says that she believes the last area her daughter would have been known to be in… ... Continue Reading

Police investigate stabbing on East 23rd Street

Chattanooga police are investigating a stabbing incident that left one man injured. It happened at around 1 A.M Sunday in the 1200 block of East 23rd Street. Police say they arrived to find a man with non-life threatening stab wounds at the scene. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. If you have any… ... Continue Reading
Missing Catoosa County Teen Found

Missing Catoosa County Teen Found

13 year old Logan Mason, who had went missing, has been found. (Courtesy: Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office) ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF)-A 13 year old boy that went missing in Catoosa County has been located. The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office says that 13 year old Logan Jordan Mason, who had went missing Thursday, has been found. He… ... Continue Reading
Small Business Saturday Brings Shoppers to Local Stores

Small Business Saturday Brings Shoppers to Local Stores

The Storybook Room, the section decided to children’s books, at the local bookstore The Book and Cover. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season yesterday. Today, small businesses got their turn in the spotlight.  For small business owners, the presence of Small Business Saturday means everything.  The National Retail Federation projected… ... Continue Reading
From The Archives: 1980 Parking Garage

From The Archives: 1980 Parking Garage

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga turned off the parking meters to attract holiday shoppers downtown through Saturday. There is a long history of trying to improve the parking situation for downtown stores. 42 years ago, shoppers were abandoning downtown for the suburbs. Before the age of malls, the big department stores were all downtown. And for… ... Continue Reading

Hamilton Place opens to safe, strong Black Friday

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Black Friday shopping often invokes two thoughts — saving big on gifts for loved ones at Christmas or, sometimes, watching shoppers actually fight for them. Fortunately, the latter was not seen at Hamilton Place, which was prepared to keep large crowds safe as customers began entering the building at 7… ... Continue Reading
Shoppers Flock to Stores for Black Friday Deals

Shoppers Flock to Stores for Black Friday Deals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Today was Black Friday, the busiest in store shopping day of the year.

However with inflation, many are questioning just how much consumers are willing to spend this holiday shopping season.

Shoppers came out to stores such as Academy Sports and Outdoors at Hamilton Place, trying to save as much as they can as the world continues to deal with record high inflation.

Friends Reece Nixon and Zeke Patterson were two of the many shoppers who came to Academy Friday morning looking for a bargain. Nixon said that he woke up early to go shopping because, “Honestly just the great deals. Everything’s like 20, 30, 40, 50 percent off. Like with inflation going crazy, we have to get good deals somewhere. This is a great opportunity for us to get out. ”

Patterson seconded his friend by saying, “Yeah I’ll go with what he said, the prices are what got me to come out here to be honest.”

Another shopper, Jeremiah, echoed similar sentiments by sharing, “I like the prices and stuff, they’re very low.”

Stores are doing anything they can to get shoppers in the door with big sales amid the inflation. Management at these stores are having to get creative to retain business during this period of economic uncertainty.

Jason Schultz, the Store Manager of Logistics at the Hamilton Place Academy Sports and Outdoors, shared with me that Academy’s strategy is, “We have a low price guarantee, so that if there is a competitor that has a lower price point than what we have, we’ll match it. Then we’ll give them an additional five percent off. We have the Academy card, which is good for five percent every time you shop, it comes off that price. But again, like I said earlier, it’s all about having that product in front of the customer and it seems to be paying off.”

The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail association, expects holiday shopping growth to slow to 6% to 8%, down from 13.8% a year ago, and that number could be further affected by inflation.

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday is this weekend as well, with the National Retail Federation expecting over 166 million people to do some sort of holiday shopping, whether in person or online.

Academy told me it is a key to their business, balancing their brick and mortar sales with their online component.


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TECH BYTE: Google Lawsuit Settlement

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Google has recently agreed to a big lawsuit settlement.

The search engine is paying nearly $400 million to 40 states – the third highest privacy settlement in U.S. history.

Google is charged with misleading users into thinking their location tracking was turned off, even though their information was still being collected.

Even when their Location History setting was “off,” the Web & App Activity setting defaulted to “on” during setup.

Most people didn’t even know that existed.

The attorneys general found that Google violated consumer protection laws by misleading consumers as far back as 2014. Possibly longer than that.

As part of the settlement, Google has to be more transparent with users, which officials say the tech company should’ve already been doing.

Google will soon have to show more information to users whenever they turn a location-related account setting “on” or “off.”

The search engine will also have to make it impossible for users to avoid key information about location tracking.

Google will even need to give users detailed information about the types of location data it collects, and how it’s used at an enhanced “Location Technologies” webpage.

Google says it’s working to make these corrections and will be more transparent with users starting next year.

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Faith leaders encourage thankfulness despite tough year

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Despite the many hardships Americans have faced this year, a pair of local religious leaders say there’s still plenty to be thankful for.

Fr. David Carter of the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul says despite everything, he’s still seen people give to those in need regardless of their struggles.

He says that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

“That’s the meaning of Thanksgiving, I think — to recognize that God is in charge of all of this and God is good and generous with His love,” Carter said. “And because we are loved by Him, we go and love in return.”

Mo. Mari Beth Manoff is thankful for her right to vote, America’s medical personnel and our ability to gather again.

Like Carter, she knows many are struggling and may be having a hard time finding joy this holiday season.

To those looking for comfort, she says you are loved.

“God loves you,” Manoff said. “God is doing God’s best to provide for you and we’re doing our best to reach out to you. I would also just say please don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Today’s troubles remind Carter of the voyage it took just to make the first Thanksgiving happen.

He says those who journeyed to our country almost lost everything, just as many seemingly are today.

Just like the first pilgrims, Carter says faith saves and with it, miracles can happen.

“There was this amazing generosity of the native people and there was the amazing providence of the God in whom they had trusted,” Carter said. “Even in tough times, they were able to give thanks.”

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Chatt Foundation provides annual Thanksgiving meals

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Chattanooga’s Community Kitchen provided their annual Thanksgiving dinner for those in the city’s growing homeless community today. The Chatt Foundation’s Holly Reeve says guests were treated as if they were in a restaurant – being waited on by staff and even having pie options. Pecan seems to be the favorite. She says… ... Continue Reading
Grateful Gobbler Walk Raises Thousands for Homeless Shelter

Grateful Gobbler Walk Raises Thousands for Homeless Shelter


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Thousands showed up to downtown this Thanksgiving morning to burn some calories before eating them back up.

The 23rd annual Grateful Gobbler Walk allowed participants to run, jog, or walk a 5K, or five kilometer course around downtown Chattanooga.

The course began at Coolidge Park with it crossing the Market Street Bridge and running all the way down to the intersection of Market and MLK Boulevard before coming back over the river to cross the finish line at Coolidge Park.

It was quite the festive affair with several people dressing up as their favorite Christmas characters such as Buddy the Elf. Even Santa Claus made an early appearance in the Scenic City.

Behind the festivities this Thanksgiving morning, there was a larger mission in mind.

Helping Chattanooga’s homeless at the McClellan Shelter for families.

Betsy McCright, the event co-chair, said that the event, “raises money for the McClellan Shelter for homeless families. We have just about five thousand participants today. We’re looking forward to giving every dollar to the McClellan Shelter for families.”

They have raised over $250,000 for the shelter. These funds will go a long way to helping these families by providing them with numerous resources.

McCright said that, “It goes to supporting the shelter where families can stay together through periods of homelessness. Now that we’ve raised so much money, we’re also offering childcare, and transportation so they can find jobs and find permanent housing.”

The McClellan Shelter is located on East 11th Street at the CHATT Foundation, formerly known as the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. It houses 13 units with 68 beds. For more information on how to help out the McClellan Shelter, visit https://chattfoundation.org/get-help.


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Sportsbarn Turkey Trot Held in Brainerd

Sportsbarn Turkey Trot Held in Brainerd


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A group of runners pushed themselves at the 32-nd annual Sportsbarn Turkey Trot.

The races were put on by the Chattanooga Track Club in conjunction with Sportsbarn. Participants could choose between a 3K walk slash run or an 8K run.

There was also a race for kids that was six tenths of a mile long. The courses were along and near Lee Highway near the airport.

The race director for the event, Bill Brock, said of the runners’ determination to finish the Turkey Trot, that, “It’s rewarding to cheer people through it and see people do it. You know you tell them, “It’s still a race, finish strong! Kick it downhill and dig in, and they do. They pass each other and race, race to the finish. That’s really a thrill. What we do here at the Chattanooga Track Club is simply we promote running and fitness because when you are healthy, and you’re strong, you feel better. You feel more excited, emotionally on top, you’re stronger, more capable in so many ways. It’s just a foundation.”

Roughly a thousand participated in the trot, coming from 37 different states. Funds raised went to the Chattanooga Kidney Foundation among other charity organizations.

The Chattanooga Track Club hosts events and races throughout the year. For more information, visit https://www.chattanoogatrackclub.org/.

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From The Archives: 1982 Catalogue Shopping

From The Archives: 1982 Catalogue Shopping

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Holiday shopping has changed a lot in the last few years.

Before there was Amazon, shopping by mail was a much slower process.

In 1982, our reporters found people who shopped by catalogue.

You would go to the store, and thumb through their catalogue to find items they couldn’t stock in the store.

The catch is you had to order by Thanksgiving or you might not get your item delivered on time.

We show you the process and the hot gifts from 1982 in this story from our archives.

1982 Catalogue Shopping00000017

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Firefighters draw water from Tennessee River to battle Suck Creek Road flames

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – A variety of fire agencies battled a blaze this evening along the Tennessee River near the gorge.

It happened at a home at 1907 Suck Creek Road just before 8PM.

A driver noticed the smoke and flames coming from the house and called it in.

Crews from Red Bank, Waldens Ridge, and Chattanooga responded.

Since there were no hydrants in the area, crews had to pull water out of the river to fight the flames.

The homeowner was not at home at the time.

The cause is under investigation.



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EPB Holiday Windows Display debuts

EPB Holiday Windows Display debuts

Dsc 1120

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – EPB’s annual Holiday Windows display is not on for downtown visitors.

The company flipped the switch on Wednesday evening.

The display now includes windows on both the Broad and Market Street sides of the building, plus across Broad to the EPB stage at Miller Plaza.

The company begins working on each year’s display back in the summer.

It is free for anyone who walks or drives by through January 6th.

“EPB is proud to carry on a tradition that began during the World War II era,” said EPB’s Lauren Obermark who leads the Holiday Windows project. “The Holiday Windows are a fresh expression every year of the magic of the season.”

Dsc 1078


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Driving Our Economy Forward: AGC Construction Career Center Opens

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Associated General Contractors of East Tennessee’s Construction Career Center is now up and running.

“We have been in action now for about two weeks here at the construction career center,” said Leslie Gower, AGC CEO.

It’s for both new and experienced construction workers looking to enhance their skills.

“We’re had the opportunity to partner with a Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Chattanooga, and Chattanooga State to bring adult learners so they could make pivot career changes,” Gower said. “And get into construction is something they wanted to do. We have people here all ages learning. So that they can get qualified to get to a lucrative career in construction.”

“It’s just a great opportunity,” said participant Eric Walker. “It helped me out a lot. It’s helping me to grow. Better opportunities with jobs, and to be able to I guess, just learn more about growth of development and teamwork.”

Gower said they expect to be able to place every single graduating student with a job.

“We have professionals that are here taking OSHA classes, supervisory skills, project management, blueprint reading, the gamut of everything they need to know to keep continuing their progress as professional instruction,” Gower said.

“Thankfully we have a great partner with AGC,” said Jessica Green, Dean of TCAP Program, Chattanooga State Community College. “They came to us, industry came to Chatt State and said that there is a need. There’s a skills gap and we need you guys to help us fill it. And then we partnered with Hamilton County, the city Chattanooga, and they all came together to create this great opportunity for our citizens. It’s really incredible to see.”

“They’re getting the hands-on training they need from people who have done it for a long time and incredible educators,” Gower said. “It just is the culmination of so many people’s ideas coming together and making this an asset for our community.”

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Budgetel family speaks out on recent eviction

UPDATE: Hamilton County District Attorney Coty Wamp spoke with News 12 Thursday morning saying there is currently no “class-action lawsuit” against her.

News 12 also spoke earlier this week with Attorney Charles Wright, who said he had filed a motion to intervene Monday morning in Hamilton County’s criminal court.

Wright is representing multiple families, including the Rogers, who had previously lived at the Budgetel Inn.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

LOOKOUT VALLEY, Tenn. (WDEF) — It’s been one week since now-former residents of the Budgetel Inn were suddenly evicted from their homes.

Tammy Rogers, her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren all have one more week booked to live at a Super 8 in Lookout Valley.

After that, they don’t know what’s next.

Rogers called the evacuations a “circus.” Her grandson called it “sad.”

The retiree says her family woke up last Wednesday to Hamilton County authorities knocking on her front door.

She says officers gave them and other tenants four hours to completely pack and leave the premises.

On a tight budget, the family has had no luck finding a new home.

“It’s been rough,” Rogers said. “It really has because my main concern [is] my babies. I’m just glad that people [and organizations] are pulling together and trying to help us.”

Daughter Misty Rogers says rumors are that the Budgetel owner knew of the inn’s fate for months and withheld it from tenants while still collecting rent.

She says staff from her kids’ school in East Ridge called her offering their support and assistance if needed.

It was how she discovered she would soon be homeless.

“I just froze,” Rogers said. “I didn’t know what to say. I live from check to check. My check every week is enough to pay rent and maybe have, like, 50 to 60 dollars left in my name for gas to back it back and forth to work. It was horrible.”

The family says while their holidays are no longer what they were supposed to be, they are grateful to local food banks and churches for current assistance.

With December approaching, Misty’s son, Joseph, is hopeful the community can help provide just one more thing.

“They could find a place for me, my mom, nani, papa, sisters and my dad to stay … get a home,” Joseph said.

Misty Rogers says they are being represented by Attorney Charles Wright in a “class-action lawsuit” against Coty Wamp, Hamilton County, Budgetel ownership, and the inn, itself, on December 5.

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East Ridge resident to honor friend at Grateful Gobbler

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — One East Ridge resident has been walking Chattanooga’s Grateful Gobbler 5K for almost 20 years.

She’ll be walking again tomorrow, but this time to remember a friend.

Theresa Chastain will be walking in memory of Teresa Manning — her friend and former walking partner at the Gobbler.

The two even collected a significant number of event t-shirts over the years.

Manning passed away this past spring.

Chastain says she believed in the cause behind the walk — to raise money for the homeless during the holidays.

“Every step of the way, I will have her in my thoughts,” Chastain said. “I know that she’ll be up there looking down on me going, ‘go girl, go!'”

Theresa Chastain will be walking again tomorrow, in memory of Teresa Manning — her friend and former walking partner at the Gobbler.

The two even collected a significant number of event t-shirts over the years.

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