Site/Video of the Day 04/17

website of the day – the “Sundance” channel’s critique and nutshell description of a movie that’s PERFECT for “Autism Awareness Month”…and our upcoming golf tournament with the Chattanooga Autism Center.  even though the young man at the center of the movie does NOT suffer from the mental disorder…his brain, damaged by a massive tumor…reacts in similar ways.  it’s about music therapy, family relationships (especially father-son) and a very funny and heartbreakingly sweet little move.  AND it features music that means a ton to me…including the “Grateful Dead”, who’s song gives the movie its title.


videos of the day – a short clip (the trailer) from the very same movie listed above…featuring Julia Ormond as the “music therapist” who stumbles across the breakthrough moment for the young man who’s lost his long term memory…but music from his youth brings him back…to the late 60’s…the time that he was first listening to it.  all based on Oliver Sack’s novel, “The Last Hippie”.

and, if you want…you can download the full movie –




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