Ferrall On The Bench

Sportsradio spitfire Scott Ferrall is back on the Talk Monster weeknights hosting “Ferrall On The Bench” from 10:00 pm-1:00 am. The raspy-voiced icon with the cult following takes listeners through the day’s headlines and most talked about topics in sports, while generating spirited discussions with callers, and conducting captivating interviews with a variety of special guests.

“Ferrall On The Bench” is the fastest and craziest show on radio. Jam-packed with insider info, rapid-fire discussions, and live interviews from today’s biggest athletes, Ferrall on the Bench is the ultimate on-air sports bar – complete with 100 foot screens and babes. It’s THE place for avid sports fans to hang out.



Dave Says: Don’t go too far

Dave Says: Don’t go too far

Do you think it would be an appropriate real-world exercise if we started charging our 17-year-old son a very small amount in rent each month to prepare him for life when he leaves home?