6 people are in critical condition and 24 others injured after a bus crash in Pennsylvania

A bus crash in central Pennsylvania Sunday left at least 30 people injured, six of whom are in critical condition, officials said.

The bus went off an exit ramp on Interstate 81 in Schuykill COunty when the driver lost control, according to a crash report from the Pennsylvania State Police.

Trooper David Beohm said there were no reports of fatalities due to the incident.

“The bus went off the exit ramp off of Interstate 81. At the end of the ramp you either turn left or right on Route 25, and the bus went across the center guide rail and straight across,” Beohm said.

Images of the bus accident show the vehicle in the midst of a thicket of trees.

A PSP reconstruction team is currently on site and in the process of identifying the cause of the crash, Beohm said.

Schuylkill County is about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

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