Bill B Blog 08.28.17: iGen

Gen(i)…or is that iGen…. Can Not Hang.

There’s a new book out and I highly recommend.   I’ve only read excerpts but it’s a good one…dealing with..

Those born between 2012 and 1995 (currently between 5 and 22)    Jean Twenge  has dubbed this “Generation” as iGen.   (I kinda like Gen i….but I didn’t write the book)

Now these kids (folks) have never known a world without smartphones or the internet.   There’s a bunch of ’em….about a quarter of Americans.

Key takeaways include:  iGen likes safety.  Not public safety, not safety 1st, not safety no nothings, rather cocoon like safety… an emotional rescue if you will.    They also are crazy for tolerence.  When it comes to tolerance they’re downright intolerant.

For instance.. nearly a 3rd say if a professor does a one off…..utters an insensitive racially charged comment class…one time… then that instructor should be fired.  Right and wrong…well, the iGens are slow and reluctant to label most anything “wrong”   They are cool with gays and while they’re not big about having sex themselves they are not judgemental for those that do.   Not very well informed….don’t like books…but do spend hours a day (even the 5 year olds) on their smartphones.     They are uncomfortable with traditional emotional roles and really….rather immature.

Oh yeah, they have a huge fear of growing up….”Adulting”

I think I’m gonna have an Adult Beverage.





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