Bill B Blog 08.24.17

I boycotted the NFL for 2 years.   And I had a good reason….not faux-outrage from the right nor the left.

But I digress.

I hear the calls for protests…for boycotts of the NFL over Colin Kaepernick’s not being signed by any NFL team as quarterback.  They say it’s because of the former 49’ers QB’s stance not to stand during the National Anthem.   I say it’s because Kaepernick is an option QB…and team’s are reluctant to blow up their offensive playbook for a guy who would likely be a backup.  He did have a couple of good seasons, but is he good enough for a backup?  Probably.   But the contention that NFL owners simply don’t want the distraction does give cause for pause.

Now.   When Colin turned Colon in the eyes of many for taking a stand by not standing there were also calls of an NFL boycott.   Sorry.   Doesn’t meet the smell test.   Personally, I always put my hand over my heart during the playing of the Anthem.  (surprising some….but hey, I also pray several times a day)   But if someone…a fan, a friend, a player, chooses to ignore…that’s their right and their option.   I won’t utter a word of criticism.   In the words of Lynyrd Skinnerd….well, Ya Got That Right.     Colin, and any other player can do as they wish to take a political stand.

He’s not Muhammed Ali. He’s not MLK.   He’s just a guy who’s football skills are declining, who wishes he had stayed with the Niners, and who may wind up playing in the Canadian Football League or coaching at his high school alma mater.

I am a Ravens fan.  Have been since Baltimore proved they had the Titans number many years ago.    I quit the NFL in protest over the Ray Rice fiasco.   All Pro coldcocks his 120 pound wife in a casino elevator, drags her out by her feet, then denies it.   The Ravens deny.  The NFL denies.    Liars. All.    The coverup for Rice sickened me.  So I did not watch, listen to, nor pay attention to the NFL for 2 years.   Did not wear any Titans nor Ravens gear (and I had a bunch).   Ignored the NFL and took long walks enjoying 2 fall seasons.    Now, that was a principled boycott.   Had a huge effect in my home.  And nobody’s else’s.

So, let Colin be Colin…… at St. Ignatius High School.




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