Bill B Blog 8.18.17

All Chill in Coolidge


Now we can all exhale.   Word that the Solidarity with Charlottesville Rally, sponsored by Free Communism, and opposed by White Power Pushers, came off with no violence, no fights, no gunplay, no foolishness, no jerkosity, and no crap was a huge relief to all of us in Chattanooga USA.

Yes I saw the call to arms (later deleted from the Klan Lite sympathizer site) urging those with concealed carry permits to show up packing.   ( Oh yeah, great idea.  5 days after a Baby Nazi plowed his Challenger into a crowd of people, killing one and sending dozens  to ER in Charlottesville.  No, nobody needs a freakin’ firearm, crossbow, machete, brass knuckles, mace, nor another other weapon in Coolidge Park.  Good God, Y’all.

A few hundred folks rallied, sang, heard speeches, and expressed their disgust for the attack that broke legs, arms, and sent a woman to the morgue.   A couple of dozen counter demonstrators had private, heated, conversations with rally goers  on the edge of the event.   Those discussions were non violent.  Heated, but nobody got shot, run over, hit, kicked, nor cussed.

Yes, we can agree to disagree.    I must say I was pleasantly surprised.   Immediately after the attack I started hearing dozens of apologists for the Hitler Youth who answered his anger by running into a crowd.  They had a permit, they gotta right to free speech, it’s Heritage not Hate, what’s wrong with a Confederate statue, etc.  Lots on our radio station.   And more to follow.

The folks at the Unite the Right rally (code for racist neo-Nazis) were mostly from waaaay outta town.  They traveled hundreds of miles in some cases, heeding the siren call  on social media  to stand up for White Rights.   Most of the counter demonstrators were either UVA students or townsfolks from Charlottesville.    The far right fringys feel they have a voice and support with the campaign rhetoric from Our President.   So, newly empowered, they want  to spread their 2017 brand of hate.  Same crap as 50 years ago, 100 years ago, and….shall we go back…to a few centuries ago.   Haters gonna hate.

Me, I’m a Lover, not a Hater.

And I am grateful all was Cool at Coolidge.

Peace out.

Bill B.




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