Red Eye Radio


Gary McNamara and Ed Harley host Red Eye Radio late-nights and early mornings from 1:00 am-5:00 am. The deliver the day’s top stories with their own blend of “regular guy” perspective.

McNamara’s talk radio career began in 1989 at WJJL in Niagra Falls, New York. He has also broadcast from WBEN in Buffalo, WLS in Chicago, and KXL in Portland, Oregon. In 2000, he joined the roster at Dallas/Fort Worht’s WBAP where he served as an afternoon drive personality. In 2005, the station paired him with trucking industry icon and on-air talent Eric harley to co-host The Midnight Radio Network, which built a rabidly loyal following. Prior to hosting the late-night syndicated program, Harley served as producer for the show.

Give it a listen. It won’t be long until you’re hooked!


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Dave Says: Don’t go too far

Dave Says: Don’t go too far

Do you think it would be an appropriate real-world exercise if we started charging our 17-year-old son a very small amount in rent each month to prepare him for life when he leaves home?