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Out of a simple desire to serve people and provide practical information to their lives, Dr. Asa began a weekend one-hour radio on one station with the support and help of radio icon, Dave Ramsey, and his team. After that local station was flooded with emails and phone calls after just the first show, Dr. Asa was asked to do an additional hour, and then another. In less than a month it became a 3-hour weekend show with some of the highest ratings in that local market just 6 months of being on the air. Soon an opportunity opened with the largest company in radio to turn it from a weekend show into a 3-hour daily syndicated talk show now called, Dr. Asa On Call.

Currently, we are the fastest growing health-related talk show in the country with over 3 million listeners every week. And with new expansion into television and the overseas markets, we are not slowing down. Dr. Asa has a practical, common sense approach for everyone, regardless of his or her health and lifestyle goals. What started with a bedside manner to provide hope and encourage others still remains the same today.

Known as America’s Health Coach®, Dr. Asa Andrew is a national best-selling author and host of one of the fastest growing radio and television programs in North America designed to transform your health and your life. Dr. Asa is a health, nutrition, and fitness contributor to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX, and has appeared on many shows including Good Morning America and The 700 Club. As a lifestyle specialist to many professional athletes and celebrities, he is an internationally sought after speaker for many Fortune 500 Companies (including Proctor and Gamble) with his engaging message of looking better, feeling younger, and living longer. In addition to his media companies, the he has founded Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit organization that encourages lifestyle, health, and wellness education to individuals and communities dedicated to diagnosing hope one person at a time.

Being in practice close to twenty years, Dr. Asa Andrew emphasizes a blend of evidence-based traditional and alternative health care methods including nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise medicine. Dr. Asa has founded a leading research center for creating positive lifestyle outcomes dedicated to empowering people to attain and maintain better levels of health and wellness. Along with training health care professionals, Dr. Asa Andrew dedicates his efforts primarily to educational media and training with his best-selling books, television projects, nationally syndicated radio show, live events, and coaching systems. Dr. Asa has been noted a one of the great thought leaders in this emerging field of lifestyle medicine.


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