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NY Times publisher writes op-ed in Wall Street Journal to defend the free press

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are arch-rivals. The two papers compete for scoops, subscribers and advertisers on a minute-by-minute basis. So Journal readers may do a double-take when they see an op-ed from the publisher of The Times in Thursday’s Journal. The subject: President Trump’s increasingly extreme rhetorical attacks against the…MORE

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ mobile game launches June 21st

Magic lovers, get ready: The Harry Potter-themed follow up to the hit mobile game Pokémon Go launches worldwide starting Friday. The rollout of “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” will begin in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the game’s official trailer. It’ll support iOS and Android. It’s unclear when the game will debut…MORE

The Guardian says it was warned of cyber attacks by Saudi Arabia

The Guardian says that it was warned earlier this year about efforts by a cybersecurity unit in Saudi Arabia to “hack” its computer networks. The British newspaper published an article on Wednesday that says it was alerted by a source in Riyadh that it was being targeted by the unit following the murder of journalist…MORE

Panera is testing out a dinner menu

Panera Bread isn’t typically on top of people’s minds when it comes to dinner. It wants to change that. The restaurant chain announced Wednesday it’s testing out a new a “dinner-centric menu” that consists of flatbreads, bowls and side dishes. Panera is best known for its bagels, pastries and sandwiches. But dinner sales range between…MORE

Blackstone CEO says the trade war won’t cause a US recession in 2020

One of America’s top investors believes the trade war with China won’t do enough damage to push the US economy into recession. Blackstone chief executive Stephen Schwarzman said Wednesday that while both countries are engaged in a “high-wire act,” the damage would not cause a severe economic slowdown next year in the United States. “It’s…MORE

Stocks finish higher as the Fed signals possible rate cuts

The Dow finished higher on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve indicated that it may cut rates multiple times this year. Only one voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee objected to the decision to leave interest rates unchanged for now. It was St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, who recently said that a rate…MORE


Dave Says: When to start the process?

Dave Says: When to start the process?

Dear Dave, My husband and I are debt-free, and we have an emergency fund of six months of expenses saved. We’d like to buy a home in the $250,000 to $275,000 price range in the near future, and we plan on saving $60,000 for a down payment. It should take a little less than two…

Dave Says: A home shouldn’t leave you house poor

Dave Says: A home shouldn’t leave you house poor

Dear Dave, My husband and I were listening to your radio show the other day. In it, you were speaking to a lady about buying a home. When you talk about mortgage payments being 25 percent or less of your take-home pay, does this figure include taxes and insurance or just principal and interest? Ann…

Dave Says: Emergency fund for business?

Dave Says: Emergency fund for business?

Dear Dave, I have my own small business. My annual sales are just over $100,000, and I have a couple of months in administrative and general expenses set aside. Should I have an emergency fund for my company, too? If so, how much? Taylor Dear Taylor This is a great question! I like the idea…