Dave Says: Worried about mom

Dear Dave, My mom is 75, and I’m the executor of her estate. She has $500,000 in retirement accounts, and the only debt she has is around $70,000 on her mortgage. Most of her money is in the stock market, with only $20,000 in a money market account, and this worries me. She lives well…MORE

Dave Says: Changing jobs and retirement savings

Dear Dave, What happens to my Roth 401(k) when I change jobs and go to a company that doesn’t offer this type of investment savings account? How should you proceed in this situation? Jamie Dear Jamie, Anytime you leave one company for another, you should always roll your 401(k) from your former employer into an…MORE

Ask Ken Coleman: Your Career

“What if the money didn’t matter?” QUESTION: I’ve had two or three jobs since graduating from college, and I haven’t felt like any of them were what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Do you have any advice to help someone find their true calling? ANSWER: Believe it or not, many folks out…MORE

Dave Says: That’s a lot!

Dear Dave, I’m on Baby Step 1 of your plan, and I work at a community college that takes a mandatory 20 percent from our pay for retirement. I know you say retirement contributions should be put on hold until all debt except for your home is paid off, so do you have any thoughts…MORE

Dave Says: Return of premium?

Dear Dave, I’m thinking about signing up for a return of premium life insurance policy. It costs more per month than other policies, but it allows you to get all your money back after 30 years assuming you live that long. Is this too good to be true? Tommy Dear Tommy, It’s not too good…MORE

Dave Says: Make sure it’s a gift

Dear Dave, I’m on Baby Step 4 of your plan. I’m debt-free, and I’m currently putting lots of money toward retirement. Now, I want to go back to school and get an MBA. I could pay for school with cash, but that would delay buying a home. My parents have offered to help out financially,…MORE

Dave Says: Cash out stock for emergency fund?

Dear Dave, I’m 45, married, and we have a household income of around $85,000 a year. We have no debt, except for our home, and we owe about $70,000 on it. I recently stopped contributing to my 401(k) temporarily in an effort to help us build an emergency fund, but things are moving slowly. We…MORE

 Here’s your permission slip to become a millionaire

HERE’S YOUR PERMISSION SLIP TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE By Chris Hogan Can I be honest? I’m tired of hearing people make millionaires out to be big, bad wolves. That all wealthy people are evil, greedy, self-centered people who inherited or stole money to get rich. It’s as if there were something wrong with being wealthy. Listen, people: money…MORE


How to Stay Motivated in 2019 

How to Stay Motivated in 2019 

By the middle of February 80 percent of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions–here are 3 tips to keep you on track!

Dave Says: Insurance and Savings

Dave Says: Insurance and Savings

Dear Dave, I just realized our insurance has a health savings account (HSA) option. We’ve considered dropping this insurance soon and going to a cheaper Christian medical sharing program. We’ve got about $19,000 in debt between credit cards and a car payment, and we’re on Baby Step 2 of your plan. Our thought was to…

Dave Says: A Teachable Moment

Dave Says: A Teachable Moment

Dear Dave, My mom is single, and she co-signed on my student loans for college. Would it affect her credit if I couldn’t or didn’t make the payments? Terri   Dear Terri, Yes, it would. The truth is, your mom shouldn’t have co-signed for you in the first place. There’s only one reason lenders want…

Take Your Side Hustle Full Time This Year

Take Your Side Hustle Full Time This Year

Follow These 5 Steps to Take Your Side Hustle Full Time This Year By Christy Wright   Is your side hustle starting to feel like a second full-time job? Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom whose home-based business is taking off, and you want to dedicate more time to it. You’re not alone. According to a…