Dave Says: Return of premium?

Dear Dave, I’m thinking about signing up for a return of premium life insurance policy. It costs more per month than other policies, but it allows you to get all your money back after 30 years assuming you live that long. Is this too good to be true? Tommy Dear Tommy, It’s not too good…MORE

Dave Says: Make sure it’s a gift

Dear Dave, I’m on Baby Step 4 of your plan. I’m debt-free, and I’m currently putting lots of money toward retirement. Now, I want to go back to school and get an MBA. I could pay for school with cash, but that would delay buying a home. My parents have offered to help out financially,…MORE

Dave Says: Cash out stock for emergency fund?

Dear Dave, I’m 45, married, and we have a household income of around $85,000 a year. We have no debt, except for our home, and we owe about $70,000 on it. I recently stopped contributing to my 401(k) temporarily in an effort to help us build an emergency fund, but things are moving slowly. We…MORE

 Here’s your permission slip to become a millionaire

HERE’S YOUR PERMISSION SLIP TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE By Chris Hogan Can I be honest? I’m tired of hearing people make millionaires out to be big, bad wolves. That all wealthy people are evil, greedy, self-centered people who inherited or stole money to get rich. It’s as if there were something wrong with being wealthy. Listen, people: money…MORE

Dave Says: Short term planning

Dear Dave, My husband and I are completely debt-free, and we’re saving up for our first house. We currently have about $90,000 in savings, and we’d like to buy a home with cash in the next few years. Where should we put our money, so it will work for us while we save more? Aimee…MORE

Dave Says: Keep your emergency fund simple)

Dear Dave, One of my friends suggested that I put my emergency fund money into bonds. What do you think of this idea? Renee   Dear Renee, Never put your emergency fund into things where volatility and risk are a concern. An emergency fund isn’t an investment; it’s three to six months of expenses set aside…MORE

Five things every parent should know about FAFSA

5 Things You Really Need to Know About the FAFSA By Anthony ONeal   Parents, do you have a rising or current college student? Have you filled out this year’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) yet? You might be thinking, “Nope. We don’t have time to fill out another form,” But trust me,…MORE

Dave Says: Home warranties?

Dave Says: Home warranties? Dear Dave, Are home warranties a waste of money if someone has been following your plan and already has six months of expenses set aside in an emergency fund, plus home insurance? Andrea Dear Andrea, Home warranties are a waste of money even if you don’t have quite that much set aside…MORE


Dave Says: You need actions, not words

Dave Says: You need actions, not words

Dear Dave, My husband and I have about $20,000 in credit card debt, plus payments on a new truck. We also have a camper he bought before we got married that we’re still making payments on. I recently received a $50,000 inheritance, and I’d like to use that money to help get us out of…

Dave Says: Paid In Full

Dave Says: Paid In Full

Dear Dave, I’ve been late on a credit card bill several times, and it was turned over to a collection agency. They have offered a couple of different payment options. If I agree to one of these, does that mean the original creditor gets paid, too? Carter   Dear Carter, A collection agency either owns…

Dave Says: Don’t Play The Game

Dave Says: Don’t Play The Game

Dear Dave, How do you feel about timeshares, and the free trips and dinners they offer as part of their sales pitches? Is it possible to win with these things? Dan   Dear Dan, In my opinion, timeshares are a complete waste of time and money. Lots of folks go into this kind of thing believing they’ll…

Five Ways to Give Yourself a Raise in 2019

Five Ways to Give Yourself a Raise in 2019

Five Ways to Give Yourself a Raise in 2019 By Rachel Cruze Everyone starts out a new year with the best intentions. We’re going to lose weight, or eat better, or work out more. I don’t know about you, but I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to shelling out a bunch of money…