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Ever since El Jefe got his “digital image capturing device”…a GoPro…he’s been diving deeper and deeper into the video production world. More often than not, these little bits of visual eye-candy are created just for his own enjoyment…but sometimes, they serve a greater purpose. Every once in a while they’re intended to create a change in the status quo, to question authority, to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, etc. Below you can take a journey thorough Jefe’s video evolution…

Side and Vid du Jour 03/02

website of the day – we pretty much dodged a bullet yesterday.  everyone should have a preparedness kit.  period.

video of the day –

Casa del Jefe en El Stormo – time-lapse of the slow roll-in of the long-dreaded storm system that rolled over our region/state on Wednesday, 3/1/17.  The battery dies, though, before it gets crazy.  But you get the idea of the power that’s about to sweep through.  At least you get to see when the community’s power goes out.  Watch the tree tops.  Go-Pro was tied to a small tree in the front yard, aimed at the house.

Video du Jour 02/27

After watching the Oscars…can you make a visually interesting bit of eye-candy about virtually “nothing” at all?

I believe the answer is an obvious, hell, yeah!

One Night’s Ride – nothing more than me heading down the mountain to go see a concert with my grandson (beautiful sunset) and heading back home with a major storm approaching.


my youngest son, Lucas’ work – Lucas’ “Go Pro” video of abandoned buildings


The Week That Was – Riverbend (and other life lived)

The video referenced heavily in today’s “FRED the Show”: The Week that Was – Riverbend (and other life lived) 6/10-18/2016

(the first, daytime snake footage is about 1:50…the second, weird one at night is about 5:30)

Video du Jour 12/08: Twister Damage

Twister Damage – Now that the experts finally agree that Marion and Sequatchie County storms contained twisters, too…including an EF3…here’s the more extensive, rather somber look at the home of “el jefe”…not the way the damage in front of and immediately behind the house…didn’t seem to touch the sleeping occupants within.  Thank you Lord.

Thought you’d like to see this. This is the tower way out window rock removed and through the woods at Jack gap. TVA has been taken heavy equipment out there just to make the road passable to get to it:


Video du Jour 11/17

Video of the day – “Fall’s A’ight!” – just a little reminder that, even with the heat and drought and fires and dust…that Autumn is still a wonderful season and probably the most beautiful of all.

Site & Video du Jour 11/11

Website du Jour: The Simpsons predicted Trump would be president 16 years ago:


Video du Jour:

Updated Pictures from the Brushfires on Mowbray and Signal Mountains – November 10, 2016

Due to safety concerns, the HCSO is aware that several areas affected by wildfires today were closed off to the media.

In an attempt to help show some of the efforts to combat the fires in areas where media personnel were not allowed to go, below you will find pictures from numerous locations throughout the Boston Branch Subdivision, Arnat Drive, and Bonnelia Circle taken by HCSO PIO Matt Lea.



hcso3 hcso4

Video du Jour 11/3 & Reunion

No, you’re not having deja vu and nobody’s made a mistake.  This video, dubbed “Reunion”, was “Video of the Day” back in the heat of the summer.  It features my three best friends for years and the buds that I spent an entire summer (1980) driving across the continent without once sleeping in a bed.  Sadly, the one seen in the video using a cane, my very best childhood friend and the ONLY person I knew in the state of Georgia when we moved there in my freshman year of high school, suffered a major heart attack last night after a week in CCU in Kennesaw’s Hospital just north of Atlanta.  Your prayers and well-wishes will be appreciated.  His name is Brian Williamson and he just retired from a career as an urban planner/geographer with the state of Georgia.


Video of the Day – BigBossMeetsBigSoddy


Video du Jour 10/26

brand new video of me longboarding from top of hill where Kelly Subaru is…to halfway down Brainerd.  On purpose.  3 1/2 hours.  This last Tuesday.  One minute long.

older classic virtuoso video of my longboarding adventures

Video du Jour 10/19

Cumberland Island #1 – my son is better at this than me.  no joke.  here are two takes on what HE shot of the Island before Hurricane Matthew blew us home.


C.I. #2 –

Video du Jour 10/18


16 minutes of the 11/3/92 show on WGOW-AM…a fresh-faced Jeff Styles taking on the Clinton haters of 24 years ago. Enjoy!


Video du Jour 10/10


Day Before Paradise Lost –

A four night family holiday on Cumberland Island National Seashore the first week of October.  Temps dropping a bit.  Got one of the rare, easily accessible “Sea Camp” sites (only 12 on the entire island)

What could possibly go wrong?

Anyone who knows my history with bizarre weather…Hurricanes in particular…can tell you at least a half-dozen GOOD examples of things that “could go wrong”.

Take your time with this one.  The most special place I’ve ever been.


“Pre-Matthew Cumberland Island in 360 degrees” –

Keep Cumberland and its bountiful life in your prayers, please….as you would the people…the families…the larger-than-life characters that her very proximity seems to create/attract…whose lives depend on the sea and its many gifts for their lives.  The eco-tourism that’s sprung to life around her makes the region…that near-forgotten arc of national “sea border” in Georgia…much more like our own home that first meets the eye.

Video du Jour 8/24: Robyn’s House

A quick musical tour of the two brand new, massive old homes in FortWood…opened for rental opportunities just in time for UTC’s “Back to School” housing rush!

Video du Jour 8/5 – “Jefeccar Do Belize”

Jefeccar Do Belize – this video shows in the beginning footage, the low lying edge of Belize City, BZ….which was JUST rolled over by Hurricane Earl.  MUST have been devastating.

Vid & Site du Jour 7/14

website of the day –  –  local dude with alternative fuels company is setting off Saturday for a 5 day trip, using 5 alternative fuels (for the “Fallen 5” on the first anniversary of the terrorist attack) is driving from here to San Francisco.


video of the day – :30 t.v. spot/promo for “Riverfront Nights” which kicks off this Saturday, following a day-long “memorial filled” anniversary of the terrorist attack on Chattanooga military recruiters.  “Lefty Williams Band” is the headliner.




Vid & Website du Jour 7/13

website of the day –
video of the day – The loose but lovely short video of the unveiling of the Lee Highway Memorial to Chattanooga’s “Fallen Five”,
featuring the Cody McCarver song, “I’m America”:

Vid & Website du Jour 7/12

website du jour: – Chattanooga has the 5th cheapest gas of any city in America


video of the day – Tim Kelly has loaned my a brand new 360 degree “go pro”-STYLE camera…not the brand name…for shooting down at their Friday appearances at “Nightfall” for later use.  Had some fun with it during “4th of July” weekend.  Before the video is straightened out, made horizontal (and you’re given directional arrows to move the vantage/viewing point…it looks like this cylindrical, moving picture….a movie in a tube.  Just see what it does when the “Daft Punk” lyrics kick in.  This is gonna be fun.


VIDEO: The Week that Was – Riverbend 2016

The Week that Was – Riverbend (and other live lived), 6/10-18/2016:

sorry for the tardiness this year.  but I just didn’t have the energy to get it done right on the heels of the event this year.  the reason is summed up quite nicely in the theme song, The Cure’s “Hot, Hot, Hot!”:



UFO – Unidentified Floating Object

Saw this odd object glinting in the sunlight from a bridge out in the middle of nowhere in Sequatchie County…halfway between Dunlap and Whitwell.  You’ll see it at the end of this short video and we REALLY DO want to figure out what the hell it is.  I slapped a couple of shots onto the very beginning of the video of me paddling the very lower end of the Lower Ocoee…during a period when no generators were running…just the natural flow of water that nature granted it.  I showed it to several folks.  NOBODY recognized it!  Even when it got to the southeast’s most famous rapid…”Hell’s Hole.”

Video: JazzFest, Bourbon Street & Voodoo Krewe in the 9th

This video, though not long, comes in three parts…a) Rebecca’s first trip to New Orleans means an immediate stop at Bourbon Street, b) Mostly still shots of the “NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival”, which was the reason for going in the first place…video is of crowd at main stage, Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, Galactic (underlying music at that point is “Jon Cleary”), c) THE special aspect of this vacation. Our Uber driver took a liking to us and picked us up Saturday night after the festival (which ends WAY early) and took us on a tour most white tourists never see…the Lower 9th Ward. Compare the homes and open space to the shots before Katrina. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, the last segment at the “House of Dance and Feathers”, is the secret museum of the history of the Mardis Gras Indians and Krewe in general. The staff behind the glass is the “gatekeeper’s staff”…keeping the gates of hell closed? Some seriously cool voodoo hoodoo stuff. But hats off to “Hot Boy Mel”, our driver, who was once a dancer in the “Big 9 Skull & Bones” Society. The older man in the video literally wrote the history book. There’s one pic in that tome of the mother of “Trombone Shorty”, who I befriended on his first trip to Chattanooga, opening for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, dancing ON TOP of the CASKET of his brother….killed by gang violence in the 9th, well before Katrina. btw, many of those homes, nice by most standards, were built by Tom Cruise’s and the church of Scientology donations! Note the pic of me standing directly against the dyke with sun setting on homes to the left….that’s where the breach occurred. Also, the last shot before we go into the museum is Mel’s church, which, along with a very few other older, original buildings, is being renewed as it was.

Daily Video 4/8 – The Last Hootenany

After nearly two decades of putting on shows as small and cool and cozy as “The Back Porch Hootenany” series…to the awe-inspiring, ahead-of-its-time, superstar marquis lineups of the epic “Harvest Fests” (Umphrey’s McGee, Bob Weir’s “Ratdog”, John Prine, moe., Railroad Earth and so many more), Thomas “T-Dawg” Helland has finally hung up his part-time promoter status and gotten a real gig.  This is just a tiny little cross-section of the action and swath of humanity that would attend these all-day/all-night music meccas.  Largely (and stubbornly ignorantly), our ‘hip’ town of Chattanooga apparently found it too far to drive (:35 minutes) and too far out in the country (two turns off of Highway 27 outside of Lafayette) to bother to attend.  But the few who did , joined by hundreds twice a year from Atlanta, Macon, Athens, Sewanee, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Asheville, etc…fell in love with the laid back, family friendly atmosphere that permeated the 300+ acres of rolling hills, creeks and secret camping sites.  The legendary Smokey Caldwell will still have plenty of public “gathering of the tribes” at his home….Cherokee Farms….but the final call of “hoooooo-tenany” between Pigeon Mountain and Old Mineral Springs Road has faded into the green foothills of history.  Best wishes to T-Dawg.  And to everyone who played and partied and finally, parted…THANK YOU…from the bottom of my heart.   Jeff Styles

Video: 200 Mile Club Easter Egg #5

In honor of visiting “free climbing” legend, Alex Honnold…here are a few sights/scenes from a popular spot for those who love to “rock out”. Take a pic or snippet of video and tag it onto the “Wild Trails” FB page or website, and possibly win 15-20 minutes of free PR/Marketing for your favorite charity or non-profit, on Chattanooga’s number one rated talk show…WGOW-Talk Radio 102.3’s “FRED the Show” with Jeff Styles.

Video: Hypsnowtized

Many of the scenes contained in this video are perfect visual examples of a new word that we’re feeling forced to add to the English vocabulary. How long we’ve survived as a nation and a people residing in the seasonal northern hemisphere is a mystery. The visual effect, mesmerizing and tranquil, chaotic collisions of sub-atomic particles battering the senses….or swirling vortices of ten-thousand individual jewels. The optical illusion caused by snow flying by your eyes, whether walking or driving, will from hence forth, be referred to as being “hypsnowtized”. And a second addition to your working daily(in winter) vocabulary, should be the dizzying, vertigo-like symptoms best called “flurrmuration”. “After driving for several hours through Chattanooga in an attempt to avoid today’s needless traffic jam on the ridge cut caused Jefe to suffer a severe case of flurrmuration.” The origin of the second word comes from a morphing of “flurry” and the massive clouds of starlings that actually seem to form patterns or designs when they migrate through; the scientific nomenclature for that activity being “murmurration”. The word origin on the first word is self-explanatory. Please use all your contacts, databases and personal charm and power of persuasion to help spread the word of this helpful, verbal invention. Thank you.

Daily Video 1/29: 200 Mile Club Easter Egg #3

“The 100 Mile Club’s THIRD ‘Easter Egg”, redeemed for free promotional time for your favorite charity!

Find this visual “icon” (easily recognizable item/viewpoint) on one of Chattanooga’s THOUSANDS of miles of walking/biking/running/trails…as well as popular climbing and paddling
spots…take a picture of the “can’t miss it”, outdoor explorer’s “Easter Egg”(selfie or not), and post it onto the FaceBook page of “”.
Once a week, during the initial three months of the launch of our community’s super-cool, “get off the couch and DO something” promotion, the “200 Mile Club”,
Wild Trails’ Randy Whorton picks one of the participants, and THEY win a free, :15-:20 minute informational/educational/publicity burst in the form of a live, on-air interview
on WGOW-TalkRadio 102.3’s legendary midday talk destination, “FRED the Show”, for their favorite non-profit or charity. Chattanooga’s most influential radio personality, Jeff Styles,
will host the interview. And the “eggs” themselves can ONLY be found at “”.
And Styles promises they WILL get significantly harder, very soon.


Since there are some of you who may be seeing/hearing about this for the first time…here are a couple of short, guaranteed to be entertaining videos designed to better illustrate the ease
and the possibilities of “The 200 Mile Club” and its potential positive impact on this “Outdoor Adventure” city’s overall health and reputation.
—–  And one more thing, for all BUSINESSES who participate, and have one or more of their employees joining the club and you might find $1,000 in FREE ADVERTISING on WGOW-TalkRadio 102.3,
“The Talkmonster”, pay special attention in two of the videos, in which 23 year veteran radio personality and lifelong outdoorsman Jeff Styles “busts a move” on the trail…the only known film
in existence that shows this infamously bad dancer actually “cutting a rug”…to the “earworm” (music stuck inside his head during and early hike – The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be” aka “500 Miles”).
Emulate, copy, easily-improve-upon Styles’ monsta-dope dance moves…or just make up your own on the trail, the river, the cliff-face…and your business could be the winner of a GRAND’s worth
of FREE advertising on the city’s most respected news and entertainment source.  Just like the “Easter Eggs”, post it on “” or wild trails’ FaceBook page and you’re entered! —–

And just so you’ll be COMPLETELY in the loop, THIS link below, was the first video produced, though admittedly, not very widely distributed…FULLY explaining the simple rules and goal of the “200 Mile Club”.
The rules and parameters have changed a bit since then…see “” or their FB page for all that vital info.  But, although it might strike you as a bit long, and may start a bit dry or seemingly slowly,
the overall video is VERY MUCH worth the short time it’ll take you to watch it from front to back.



200 Mile Club

“The 200 Mile Club” – From 1/1/16 to 3/31/16, you have to log 200+ miles by “HUMAN POWERED” transportation/exercise…running, walking, swimming, climbing, biking…all the stuff we’re famous for.
The station is a primary sponsor and it’s picking up steam quicker than anything we’ve EVER done.  It’s not competitive…supposedly…but challenges from similar businesses (hospitals, insurance companies) are being tossed out like gauntlets.
It’s all explained, to some degree, here.  But a visit to will have the lowdown, birdseye scoop on this caper.

Viral Video: Tweren’t Nary a Reason Fur it!

This is the first time I’ve ever put together a video with NO theme, no REASON for existence, not topical thread running through it at all.
I’t’s almost 100% pure eye-candy…just random, half-way inspired or (hopefully) inspiring video clips, intentionally kept random.  And it’s all set to one of my favorite live tunes (“Smiling Like a Buddha” from Colorado “jamgrass” band, ‘Railroad Earth’), describing the blissful serendipity and beauty of life…if we’ll only get off the couch and go jump into it with both feet.

Video d’Jour – Chattanooga 5 Memorial Unveiling

Below is full verbiage of the memorial statement of the unveiling of the permanent Lee Highway Memorial to the “Chattanooga 5” – and the music video using Cody McCarver’s song, “I’m America” as soundtrack

July 16th, 2015, 10:45am. A vicious attack on local military recruiting stations. The heartbreaking tally after a day of senseless violence? Five Dead. More wounded. And a city that believed, as most do, that “It will NEVER happen here!” left stunned.

Shocking the nation, reverberating around the globe…the first shots were fired where you currently stand…here, at 6219 Lee Highway.

Marines. Sailors. Police Officers. All wore uniforms. All knew, full-well, just how high the price for doing so MIGHT run.

But this attack didn’t happen in a battle zone…not while on the front lines in the middle of a hot war. This act of cowardice, praised by cowards around the globe…enemies of all that’s decent on our planet. This happened at home…gunned down with cold-blooded, well-planned precision by one of our own…a young man raised here among us.

This plaque rests here, though, because they were also….us. People, neighbors and friends. As the city’s collective heart searched for a way to free itself from the great weight of the sadness that bore down upon it…THIS is the place they naturally drifted to.

Pulled by an invisible, arguably illogical force, they came. At first, a few. Then dozens. Then hundreds. Then thousands. Flowers, flags, children’s drawings, tear-stained toys with messages of thanks and love.

It was a tribal reaction…a genetic desire to gather together…to draw upon each other’s strength. And It became special. Our hopes and prayers, is that it will always remain special. A place that, somehow, gave solace to a city stunned into confusion, murmuring the ever-present question: “Why?”

Instead of riots, we prayed. Instead of lashing out against whole communities turned easy targets for revenge, we invited each other into each other’s lives, homes and places of worship.

Thank you, Chattanooga, and all the surrounding communities who visited then and are reading this now. Thank you for showing the world that all the hate a heart can muster can NOT cause true love to cower.

Thank you, for proving that all the gunshots in the world cannot sever the strength of our roots….as steady as the mountains around us…as deep as the river running through us.

This memorial is for the “Chattanooga Five”…and for all of us, who responded to the unthinkable with the unbreakable.

Video d’Jour: Riverfront Nights

Our usual montage of sounds and images from the free Saturday night concert series on Chattanooga’s 21st Century Waterfront….”Riverfront Nights”…is replaced this week by a more somber look at the flag ceremony and other rituals connected to the tragic, unthinkable shooting deaths of 5 members of our Armed Forces 3 weeks ago this Thursday. Today, the last of those victims, the lone Sailor among Marines, gunned down at a recruiting station, is laid to rest.

Now, THAT was a storm!

to all weather watchers,
i’m with you.  fascinating stuff.
to all storm-chasers,
you mystify me.
as promised, here’s the storm video from yesterday…about 5pm-ish.  i
was, approximately/directly under the 35,000 foot high thunderhead that
jetliners had to go around.

The Science of Being Lucky at Random, Lazer-Beam Focused, Precision Serendipity! (more or less exactly)

The second in a series of video gumbo…bits and pieces of nature’s eye-candy.  no theme, per se.  even though, this one focuses a lot on me and my youngest son’s recent triip down the Hiwassee at flood level.
–  the storms were so bad that ran just ahead of us, they brought trees down across the road that we had to chain saw through –
Just a sampling of stuff to do or watch other people do here in the tri-state region surrounding Chattanooga…which i affectionately refer to as “God’s Pocket”.  Truly a miraculous paradise.  IF you know where to look.)

just turn off the lights, turn off the phone, lock the door and crank it up for ten minutes.  it’ll make your day go better!

Video: Nothin’ to see here, move along

Like “Seinfeld”, the t.v. show “about nothing”…this video is something i’ve been thinking about doing for a long time.  and i ended up with about ten hours of good, beautiful, striking, interesting video of completely disparate, disconnected images left over with nowhere to go but another, similar video in the near future..basically, it’s just eye-candy with no real thread moving within it….no overriding theme or underlying message. Other than, possibly, there are so many options as to what you CAN/COULD do around here, that the list is practically endless.

It’s just images of a “possible” busy day here in “God’s Pocket”…the southeastern corner of the Tennessee Valley.

Celebrating a Quarter Century of Life and Living it Right – Styles’ Style

Lucas turned 25 on Monday.  On Tuesday he took one of the best tandem hanggliding flights I’ve ever witnessed with Clark Harlow at Henson’s Gap, home of the legendary “Tennessee TreeToppers”.

Stayed aloft, on a beautiful, breezy day, for about 35 minutes and soared to about 800 feet over launch.  (2,300 feet over valley floor) Launch and landing were perfect. Note the expression on my boy’s face, spreading quickly with a force that no power on the planet could stop.  Not exactly sure when it pops up in the video but it’s about 1 1/2 seconds after launch (the full frontal camera view from the “go pro” mounted on the nose of the glider, looking back directly at them).

There’s only ONE thing capable of producing that kind of smile:  Throwing yourself off a high rocky bluff with rock-strewn death awaiting directly below…and missing!


Thank you Clark.

Anyone interested in doing the same…the old fashioned way, where you run off the mountain and have to work to get some altitude…call (423) 949-3396 or email


Exploring the Buxton Tract Preview

(See the full video at:

For those who’ve been hearing about the big land auction coming up later this month (980 acres of hardwoods, pine thickets, marshlands/wetlands, natural lakes, surprisingly tall hillocks and knobs, meadows, grasslands and MILES of riverfront), here’s a little something that will help you wrap your brain around why it’s such a “big deal.” Here’s a preview:

The full video is really 2 videos in 1…total running time just over 9 minutes.

BUT…it’s not dry and not the least bit boring.  (Imagine the last few minutes of CBS Sunday Morning, with its legendary “natural footage”…stretched out to a video you can enjoy over a brief work break).

Thanks to Mr. Henry Glascock – (423) 991-7221 – for allowing us access, and serving as tour guide….especially considering the astoundingly dangerous and terrifyingly bad driving of radio account executive Andy Holder, who was inexplicably given control of the four-wheeler.

Anyone anywhere who wants to see, visit, enjoy…possibly OWN a truly unique, remarkably REPRESENTATIVE slice of some of God’s finest work (otherwise known as “Tennessee”), in its most untouched and natural form outside of a designated “national wilderness”…MUST take the short :45 minute drive to the short side of Dayton, TN. before May 23.

Tell your friends to check out:



…to see for themselves what “Paradise” looks like and how close it really is.  More info. on the land and it’s sale is available there.

Call Henry Glascock at (423) 991-7221 to set up a visit.



“Mariah” – As in, “…they call the wind, ‘Mariah'”…that old Western song from some old Cowboy movies.  It’s about the wind and why it affects us the way it does.  First of my videos I’ve ever “narrated”.

“The Big Freeze”

“The Big Freeze” – One of two videos taken during this winter’s bizarre weather.  One’s mostly country.  The other mostly city.

“Mountain-Human Chain”

“Mountain-Human Chain” – Recorded during my solo vacation to Pigeon Forge.  People came to the mountains for natural beauty…but needed other stuff to do while there.  Then, the “other stuff” became the main reason for most folks to visit.  I’m going to continue to work on this one and enter it into a film fest.  Make sure you get to the point where the music picks up and I’m on the “ride”.  The video is NOT speeded up.

“‘Bending 2014”

“‘Bending 2014” – highlights of last year’s festival…including proof that the EDM show DID indeed attract a sizeable crowd…which some of the old-school staffers (including that stage manager refused to admit because they “don’t think it’s real music”)

“Forecastle Festival 2013″

“Forecastle Festival” 2013 – ‘Elementary Music Festival Test’ / If this looks like the kind of thing you’d like…by all means GO to one.  If not…save your money, relationship and sanity and stay home.

“Local Hero Entry”

“My First ‘Local Hero’ Entry” – used it to show folks that even technophobic old folks like me can produce a decent video given a little time and some coaching.  won for ‘Best Use of Music’

“Jefe and Beccar Do Belize”

“Jefe and Beccar Do Belize” – hi-def, modern “vacation slide show” of our long delayed “honeymoon”.  but I used music to show the “mystery and inherent alien nature…even dangerous aspect of that part of the world, instead of the usual Buffet-esque/steel drum music.

“Epic Fails”

“Epic Fails” – to prove to some critics that I was only producing and sharing these things due to typical, media-type egocentric narsicism.  I noted to them, that I rarely even appear in the videos…then shared this series of screw-ups…resulting in my most “liked” video, shared with the public, up till that time.

“Cause It’s Fun When You Do It Right!”

“Cause It’s Fun When You Do It Right!” – the answer to the most asked question from folks who see me paddling on big water…or longboarding…always hitting a peak when i’m spotted “mountain boarding”…at the age of 54.

“Back to the Island”

(Cumberland) – family vacation to my favorite place on the planet…Cumberland Island National Seashore off the coast of Georgia on the Florida line.  (and St. Mary’s, the small coastal town that serves as home to the single ferry that delivers campers to and from the wilderness area)


“Long Slow Daydream”

“Long Slow Daydream” – mostly me and my sons…who are as different as night and day it shows in their paddling styles…both of which are excellent.

“Dangerous Waters”

 simple, no-soundtrack, visualization of just how fast shallow “playground” waters can turn deadly.  Followed the drowning of two inner city kids…resulting in an on-air tirade by yours truly against ANYone older than 6 NOT being able to swim.  Tired of the excuses…including ‘racism’…I attracted both praise and condemnation for my words AND the production of the video.

“Homeless Camps”

According to the local “Homeless Coalition”, there was a minimum of $10,000 raised directly due to the public’s viewing of this video.  One of the first MAJOR videos I’d done for any reason beyond pure “fun”…I hadn’t even learned how to “ride gain” or moderate the volume of the natural sound on camera and the soundtrack.
(I give full credit for the success to the powerful song by once-homeless Louisiana singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier, btw)

“Cognitive Dissonance” – flood footage from peak flooding in region’s modern history…7/6/13

Shot ON and around the Hiwassee and Tennessee Rivers.  (the brief glimpse of the green kayak upended about 3/4’s of the way through was the last time we ever saw my wife’s boat.  Weeks later, my son and I went back to that spot – which was not even within the banks of the normal riverbed- and discovered that the boat was wedged into fallen logs some 8-10 feet above the path that was underneath it…or, put another way…above what would normally be considered flood level)
The river normally runs about 1,200-1,400 cubic-feet-per-second on a good day.  By the time I got off, it was running around 7,500 cfs….w/water level rising six vertical feet within thirty minutes.
The Ocoee rose around 12′ in the same period and was running around 14,000 cfs.


Site/Vid du Jour 6/12

Site/Vid du Jour 6/12

website of the day – The local LGBTQ community’s Candlelight Vigil will be held tonight at City Hall at 7:30pm.  This is their organization’s main site. video of the day – Tn. woman caught on video, releasing her kids from a car dog crate.  She’s facing charges.

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

video – phone camera footage of massive flooding at Nantahala Outdoor Center.  This is video of death in fast water.   twin sites –   2nd video – My son’s epic adventure in China/Mongolia produced 18 Go Pro videos.  This one concentrates solely on the mind-blowing light show he attended.